HDR Gallery

Only one of these images (the greyscale one) was tone-mapped (aka faux HDR). The rest are all true HDR composites.

And I Rest (eH Factor Tribal Mix)

My most recent collaboration (remix) with Buffalo, NY-based downbeat/chill-out foursome, Dotsun Moon. (Click on the arrow to play) The original track, And I Rest, can be found here: http://www.dotsunmoon.com/music Of course, if you like their music, buy it!

Hidden in Plain Sight on Facebook

It’s likely that I’m just late to the game here, but do large corporations that spend a fair amount of money on their Facebook presences realize there’s something not quite right going on? I first discovered this after creating a page for my fledgling t-shirt business. With a business page on Facebook, most proprietors would like visitors to see something … Read More