Viva la Revolucion?

File this one under “Unclear on the Concept”… A shiny black Hummer H2 rolls leisurely down Hamilton Ave-a not uncommon site in Silicon Valley. Typically, these gas guzzling behemoths are free of bourgeois adornments like bumper stickers, squirrel tails, and Jack-in-the-Box heads. Not this one: a single sticker on the tinted rear window made it stand out. The image? The … Read More

A Little Housecleaning

Just as I was contemplating blogging about turning many of my physical media assets into digital ones, I grabbed both my 5G video iPod and PSP. I barely made it to this post. (I also stopped to Google Local a pizza joint. I’m starving!) So, about my stuff… As I prepare to move in with the love of my life … Read More

The Glamour of Business Travel (or lack thereof)

I was just reflecting on the incredibly disruptive effects of business travel on our personal lives (mine AND my girlfriend’s). Before I got the great job I have now, I worked a series of crappy jobs in my 20s and 30s. One of them lasted ten years at a law firm as a piss boy, er, courier. I remember being … Read More