Friendz 4-evah?

Though Scott Brown’s Wired Magazine article on Facebook “Friendonomics” is almost 4 years old now, it still rings true. I was recently “found” by an ex whom with I parted amicably almost 30 years ago. She wasn’t looking to re-kindle, just to catch up. (It turns out, BOTH of us are happily married.) We had a flurry of well-thought out … Read More

A Hefty Dose of Reality

I was so inspired by this image, that I rebranded my blog and nabbed both .com domains of the same name. They’re mine, suckahs!!! But really, who cares? And actually, I was just thinking that I should have taken it a step further by registering…

Hidden in Plain Sight on Facebook

It’s likely that I’m just late to the game here, but do large corporations that spend a fair amount of money on their Facebook presences realize there’s something not quite right going on? I first discovered this after creating a page for my fledgling t-shirt business. With a business page on Facebook, most proprietors would like visitors to see something … Read More

Eddie Mercury?

A decent Photoshop job by my good friend, Dan Lewis. (Club Marcella is a real night club/hot spot in downtown Buffalo.) The truth is, I am still a HUGE fan of Queen. In my humble opinion, Freddie Mercury is THE greatest rock singer of all time.

SuperN00b Update, September 2011

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Finished since last update: Alan Wake (Xbox 360) – Really cool and genuinely scary, made me jump on several occasions. Crysis (PC) – Absolutely gorgeous and engaging. Crysis 2 (Xbox 360) – Truly the most beautiful console game I’ve seen so far. Though still not as breathtaking as the original. Crysis Warhead – A great addition to the Crysis saga. … Read More