Hidden in Plain Sight on Facebook

It’s likely that I’m just late to the game here, but do large corporations that spend a fair amount of money on their Facebook presences realize there’s something not quite right going on? I first discovered this after creating a page for my fledgling t-shirt business. With a business page on Facebook, most proprietors would like visitors to see something that sets them apart from the vanilla standard Facebook “Wall”. (Though the new Timeline feature has gone a long way to spice things up a bit.) Without getting too detailed, this entails creating (or installing a pre-built) app. The term app is somewhat misleading to the layman as it’s basically a page or section for your (Facebook) site. So you create a custom-designed (app) page/tab/section which visitors will be treated to when they visit your page. You ensure this is the first thing they see by going to Edit Info (at the top)->Manage Permissions (left)->Default Landing Tab. Assuming you’ve added your app correctly, it should show up in the pulldown (Fig.1).

Fig.1 Your store here.

Select it and you are good to go. The caveat here is that it will not show up while you are logged in. You’ll need to log out and type the URL of your page to see it how others see it.
UNTIL….they “Like” it. After that, even if they go back and “Unlike” it, unless they manually search for that app, they will be greated by your plain, ole vanilla Wall. Once people like your store/band, your page will appear little better than your Great Aunt Sadie’s Facebook page, splattered with red-eyed photos of grandchildren, Farmville updates, and 21 Questions About You results.
Granted, it’s not a secret. It’s explained quite plainly here:
https://www.facebook.com/help/issues/pages (Fig.2)

(Fig.2) This belongs on a billboard on US 101.

Try it for yourself. Pick some product, movie, band or TV show’s Facebook page that has a custom look to it that you HAVEN’T LIKED yet. Facebook.com/cocacola is a good one to try. Marvel at the blood, sweat and toil of some underpaid, overworked graphic designer. Then Like the page. (You need to be logged in, of course.) To be certain, close your browser, re-launch it and go back to the page you just liked. There you have it, another Great Aunt Sadie clone. You can find that same eye candy you first saw somewhere on the left side. But as a business owner, assuming this is your “engagement” page, do you really think/trust that your fans/customers will look for it? Lame, lame, lame.