SuperN00b Update, September 2011

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Finished since last update: Alan Wake (Xbox 360) - Really cool and genuinely scary, made me jump on several occasions. Crysis (PC) - Absolutely gorgeous and engaging. Crysis 2 (Xbox 360) - Truly the most beautiful console game I've seen so far. Though still not as breathtaking as the original. Crysis Warhead - A great addition to the Crysis saga. I loved playing as Psycho. Call of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox 360) - Surprisingly good, despite it's slight rewind in time. Dead Space (Xbox 360) - The best horror game EVER! Halo Reach (Xbox 360) - Great. It's Halo, so of course... Homefront (OnLive) - Nice FPS game, albeit a tad short (campaign). I've read the multiplayer kicks ass. I don't play multiplayer: It's no fun dying before you take a few steps...Now on the console: Alien Breed (gathering dust) Bayonetta - A veritable sensory onslaught. It may contain the best artwork I've ever seen. The storyline is a bit hard to follow. A very different game! Bulletstorm - Surprisingly fun. You can tell it's an Epic game. Reminds me of Gears in some ways. Dead Space 2 Dead Space Extraction Infamous FIFA 2011 Limbo Shadow ComplexNow on the PC: Bioshock 2 Dead Space 2 (Yes, two different platforms. Is there a problem?) Half Life 2 Left 4 Dead 2 Starcraft II (gathering dust) Zombie Driver PortalOnLive: Just Cause 2, Metro 2033, Aliens vs Predator, Borderlands, Deus Ex: Human RevolutionUpcoming games in 2011 I am really looking forward to: Batman Arkham City Battlefield 3 Dead Island FIFA 2012 Gears of War 3 Call of Duty MW3 LOTR: War in the North Rage HD Resistance 3