The Glamour of Business Travel (or lack thereof)

Actually, air travel sucks always, whether for business or pleasure.

I was just reflecting on the incredibly disruptive effects of business travel on our personal lives (mine AND my girlfriend’s). Before I got the great job I have now, I worked a series of crappy jobs in my 20s and 30s. One of them lasted ten years at a law firm as a piss boy, er, courier. I remember being jealous whenever I picked up airline tickets or other travel-related things for the attorneys (over 100+ of them): “How nice it must be to go to new placed on a regular basis.” Now that I have some business travel under my belt, and now that I’ve witnessed the misery caused by my girlfriend’s monthly jaunts across the country, I know the truth: BUSINESS TRAVEL SUCKS ASS!!! It holds none of the glamour and excitement I envisioned as I waited for my former employers’ travel packets. I’ve compared notes with a few people and it appears that, like me, many have little idea what their hotel room looks like as they see it only in the dark. They leave it before sun up and return after sundown. My girlfriend has it worse: she flies to the East Coast monthly for an entire week.