The Facebook Reconnection Dilemma

OH MY GOD! (insert name here), HOW THE HELL ARE YOU?!!! Thereafter follows an exchange of chronicles of major events in each other’s lives since high school/college: How long it’s been, college or work, how many marriages survived, and how many offspring produced. Then follows the uncomfortable silence…Er…what now? I am sure I’m not alone in feeling the post-reconnection hangover after the intoxicating amassing of lost family and friends on Facebook. I KNOW I’m not alone in following up on personal, Facebook-sent emails. Much easier to keep it short (and all-inclusive) on your Wall-to-Wall. I currently have 5 unanswered emails in my Facebook inbox. Add these to the ten or so I have in my regular inbox. I know what you’re thinking: “This guy is a self-involved douche. He has time to blog about boring trivia, but no time to answer questions from friends.” Of course I am. I wouldn’t have a blog and I wouldn’t use Twitter if I wasn’t. I am also a father whose free time is at a premium. But put that finger down, unless you’re the clone of Mother Teresa, we’re all self-involved more or less. (I am a little curious about the psychological effects of this pseudo reconnection on the lost souls of the world. I can recall a time in my life where so many unanswered communications would have sent me into a tailspin. Then again, the current generation is growing up with it and is probably already developing mental teflon coatings and sifting skills.)

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