Honest Logos Gallery

A collection of what I like to call "honest logos", ones that make no attempt to hide what they're really selling...

Friendz 4-evah?

Though Scott Brown’s Wired Magazine article on Facebook “Friendonomics” is almost 4 years old now (published in 2012), it still rings true. I was recently “found” by an ex whom with I parted amicably almost 30 years ago. She wasn’t looking to re-kindle, just to catch up. (It turns out, BOTH of us are happily married.) We had a flurry … Read More

The Facebook Reconnection Dilemma

OH MY GOD! (insert name here), HOW THE HELL ARE YOU?!!! Thereafter follows an exchange of chronicles of major events in each other’s lives since high school/college: How long it’s been, college or work, how many marriages survived, and how many offspring produced. Then follows the uncomfortable silence…Er…what now? I am sure I’m not alone in feeling the post-reconnection hangover … Read More

Why I Quit Facebook (again)

At the repeated requests of my sister-in-law, I reactivated my Facebook account about 2 months ago. I must admit that for a good 3 weeks or so, the ability to catch up with long lost friends and acquaintances-some of whom I had presumed dead-was intoxicating. I eagerly watched my Inbox for Friend Requests and marvelled at how my “numbers” seem … Read More