Buffalo: A Great Place to Be…From

I used to have a (not uncommon) recurring dream of being back in high school. I typically would wake myself once I realized: “Wait, I’ve already DONE this!” Since moving to California six years ago, that exercise in frustration has been replaced by another frequent visitor to my REM state. In this new one, I am back in Buffalo, working … Read More


Julia Allison (Good God, I can’t believe I just mentioned her here…) will be the future makeup-smeared, drunken poster child for internet fame gone south. (I refuse to provide a link to her insignificant drivel.) After reading this article, I realized what a pervasive thing it is in our society, this urge to be famous: Why there’s no money in … Read More

iPhone III

After an almost year long love-hate relationship with the iPhone, it looks like firmware 2.1 FINALLY brought the much needed stability it should have had from the start. The love-in is on (for now). I have almost 9 full pages of applications on it, with MUCH fewer crashes. Viva la iPhone! (Disclaimer: I am NOT an Apple fanboy. I am … Read More

iPhone Redux

Now that I’ve had my iPhone for nine months and have had time to get to know it better, I can say for sure that it is one of my very favorite gadgets ever. I never thought I’d get so attached to a cell phone. But unlike previous handsets, I can’t seem to go more than 10-15 minutes without taking … Read More

On Technogeek Fatherhood

My son, my firstborn, wondrous, future wunderkind came wailing into the world just over three weeks ago. It was, as all human births, a miracle. Never have I laughed and cried so hysterically, simultaneously. (There WERE complications. I never realized until the birth of my own child what a risky business being born is!) So let’s get the well worn … Read More

Windows Vista and My Patience

Assuming this is real, it is a crying shame for Redmond. (Though not as quite as shameful as the rollback to XP options being offered by many PC vendors.) Like countless others, I was counting the days til February 15th-the originally-leaked date for the first service pack release for the beleaguered OS. Now it looks like it will be at … Read More

The iPhone: 21st Century Sex Toy

From the depths of my pants pockets it beckons to me:”Take me out. Play with me. Fondle me…” Apple’s “Tech Product of the Year” isn’t my first smartphone. Two handsets ago, I owned a Cingular 8125, a very functional Windows Mobile device with a slide out QWERTY (which I never used). But I don’t remember it talking to me like … Read More


Convenient that a guy with my namesake put in his time on the ice in B-lo.