Infrared Gallery

This is a collection of infrared and/or false color shots. Some were shot with my full spectrum-converted Sony A6300 using different filter gradations (590nm, 720nm, and 830nm)

3D Gallery

Most compositions here were created in Vue Esprit 8, with a few done in Bryce.

HDR Gallery

Here you'll find a collection of HDR (high dynamic range) images. Most were bracketed (by shutter speed) and processed in Photomatix, while some were simply tone mapped in Photoshop.

Fragrant Fish and the Legacy of Paul Hoeflich

In a previous post, I reminisced about my Syracuse Summer of ’86. It turns out one of the biggest things to happen that summer took place back in my hometown. While I lived the high life (er, on a hill) of glamour and adventure at the home of the Orangemen in Central New York, a longtime friend was recording  something … Read More

Eddie Mercury?

A decent Photoshop job by my good friend, Dan Lewis. (Club Marcella is a real night club/hot spot in downtown Buffalo.) The truth is, I am still a HUGE fan of Queen. In my humble opinion, Freddie Mercury is THE greatest rock singer of all time and a member of my personal rock triumvirate, that also includes Peter Gabriel and … Read More

SuperN00b Update, September 2011

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Finished since last update: Alan Wake (Xbox 360) – Really cool and genuinely scary, made me jump on several occasions. Crysis (PC) – Absolutely gorgeous and engaging. Crysis 2 (Xbox 360) – Truly the most beautiful console game I’ve seen so far. Though still not as breathtaking as the original. Crysis Warhead – A great addition to the Crysis saga. … Read More

Video 101

Apropos of nothing, a blog post from a well-thought out email for an aspiring videographer… It’s a very exciting, dynamic, ALWAYS evolving field. For me, in addition to voraciously consuming “For Dummies” books in my early days, the Internet was an empowering aid for me. I DID receive a 2-3 hour crash course in basic video production techniques at a … Read More


I recorded two versions of this ditty for my soulmate. The original, pop version features some slightly out of tune vocals. (I prefer to leave the “charm” in.)  The second version keeps more of a dream-like, shoegaze feel.